This service is primarily aimed at clients who have defined plans / Architects drawings who simply require calculations for Building Control Purposes

Rapid calcs is an insurance backed, web based calculation service provided by  S J Johnson Associates Ltd Chartered Structural Engineers of Cheltenham – company registration no 7087508 (England & Wales).

What we Do
Working from your Architects or our surveyed plans and where available material specifications, we will first check the structural integrity of your design proposal. Once this is established, we will then produce the necessary calculations  required for building control compliance. Where materials have not been specified to us, the required material strengths will be specified in design calculations.

Where foundation designs are required from us, we will need to be supplied with a site investigation report detailing sub strata (soil &/or rock) descriptions / Engineering Classifications.

Prospective Clients
Anyone with drawn plans (that can be forwarded to us), requiring substantiating calculations to the National and European Design Standards, including but not limited to;

Home Owners
Self Builders

The Design / Contract Process

  • We review your plans (we can accept PDF and AutoCAD 2000 drawing files) and propose if necessary a site visit and priced design solution along with an estimated turn around time.
  • Once the construction solution is agreed, our offer is made in the form of an itemised proforma invoice for the proposed fixed fee
  • Acceptance is reached upon receipt of your written acceptance of our fee offer and instruction to proceed, along with bill payers contact details.
  • Please provide full name and postal address inc. postcode, email, mobile etc in order that we can set your project up on our computer system

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